Aaron Bradbury

Aaron’s Show – Childhood Chatter

What’s the show about?

Childhood Chatter is about bringing you contemporary discussions from early years professionals. Aaron is keen to discuss aspects of child centred practice, workforce developments  and giving a voice to early education professionals working with children from birth to seven years. 

When can you hear it?

12:10 Saturdays

How can you get involved?

Leave a message for Aaron on 0800 246 15 55 or visit the contact page.


Current Role

Principal Lecturer, Early Years and Childhood (Learning and Development, Psychology, Special Educational Needs and Inclusion)

Career overview

Aaron has worked in Early Years and Childhood since he left formal Education. He qualified as a Nursery Nurse completing a Btec National Diploma in Early Years and Education. He completed Higher Education, a teaching qualification and a PGCE.

Since graduating, Aaron has been heavily involved in the Early Years and has worked in Early Years for the majority of his career. He has also taught in FE teaching Early Years and Care. He has been fortunate to work and lead a large team in Sure Start and Short Breaks for Children with Disabilities. Aaron was also a Children’s Commissioner for Public Health and Social Care.

You can connect with Aaron:
Twitter: @AaronEarlyYears
Facebook: Aaron.Bradbury
Instagram: aaronearlyyears
Website: Early Years Reviews