Alistair Smith

Alistair Smith

Alistair’s Show – Podcast Pick of the Week

What’s the show about?

Each week, you can hear from a pair of our Podcast Pick of the Week presenters: 

Jo and Alistair 

Penny and Nav 

Matt and Sam 

They will be chatting about their favourites, their new finds and interviewing podcast makers from both inside and outside of the world of education. They would also love to hear what you have been listening to.  

When can you hear it?

9am Sunday

How can you get involved?

You can email and indicate which presenters the email is for, leave an answerphone message on 0800 246 1555, again saying who the message is for.   
However, the presenters would really love it if you would record a little voice message directly on the website so that they can include your message in a future programme


Alistair is a teacher and researcher and works in an FE College in Lincolnshire. When he is in college, he is teaching photography, art and design. When the teaching stops, he studies for his MPhil and is also co-host of the #FEresearchpodcast with Jo Fletcher-Saxon, the rest of his time is enjoyed with the family and being outdoors. He has taught in FE colleges and secondary since 2006 and very much loves to be in the classroom working with students. 

You can follow him on twitter @alistairteaches