Oswestry School in Shropshire uses Discovery Education Health and Relationships to deliver the statutory RSHE Curriculum. Head of Prep School Claire Belk shares how the programme gives teachers complete support, especially when it comes to engaging parents.

We switched to Discovery Education Health and Relationships from another provider earlier this year. We wanted a complete RSHE resource with everything in one place. Health and Relationships is easier to use because you don’t have to leave the platform to look for additional resources. It also provides fantastic teaching support in terms of planning, delivery and training. 

One of the best things about Health and Relationships is that it supported us to talk to parents about the new curriculum. It includes high quality resources to support ongoing communication. Recently we used these to host a virtual parent meeting. We found that once we’d explained what we were going to be teaching and why, parents were reassured and appreciative.


It’s natural for parents to have questions about RSHE, and Health and Relationships helps us to address these. It means that we can easily show parents what is being taught and why. Health and Relationships gives our school a robust RSHE curriculum. Parents are reassured by the age appropriateness of the material and there is clear reasoning behind each new topic or stage. 

Health and Relationships covers the sensitive areas of RSHE very well. By using child-led videos, it presents tricky topics in a way which is non-threatening. The children who present the videos are fantastic role models and our pupils can really relate to them. It deflates any self-consciousness because they see real children talking. 

One of the main things we’ve stressed to parents is the importance of a safe learning environment for delivering RSHE. Parents do have the right to withdraw their child from sex education, but in doing so they run the risk of allowing them to discover information away from the safety of the classroom. Health and Relationships supports us to create a very safe teaching and learning environment and also guides teachers on how to approach sensitive topics.

Discovery Education Health and Relationships follows a spiral curriculum and the children’s learning builds year upon year. Our parents are very reassured by this approach. They like the fact that we revisit different topics, and that the content is age appropriate. We can see exactly what should be delivered to pupils at each stage. 

Recently we received an inspection and the RSHE provision was rated highly in our junior school. Because we are using Health and Relationships, we were able to quickly demonstrate that we are fully meeting the statutory requirements and supporting the needs of our whole school community: pupils, staff and parents.

You can hear Claire Belk in conversation with Dr Jess and Graham by downloading the ‘That Behaviour Show’ box set here