Having a hug with Hywel

We’re thrilled to kick off a ‘Having a Hug with…’ series of blog posts, helping you get to know the people behind the voices that you tune into on Teacher Hug Radio. We kick off with our favourite story teller, Hywel Roberts.

Who are you, what is your show and when can we tune in.

I’m Hywel Roberts and I present Hywel’s Teacher Stories on Saturday mornings at 9:00am and Sunday evenings at 9:00pm.

What are your best and worst bits of being a teacher hug presenter?

Best bit – getting the stories

Worst bit – not being able to broadcast some of them!

What do you do when you aren’t making radio shows?

Teach, learn, write, make music, stroke dog

What is the hidden talent you could teach others?

I can show someone the bass line of most Oasis songs. Which isn’t that hard.

Who has been your best teacher in life? 

My cat Basil. He really is a chilled out entertainer

What’s your favourite thing to eat/drink whilst listening to teacher hug?

A brew

What is your favourite teacher hug show?

Hywel’s Teacher Stories, of course! Oh, I think it’s too hard to say. I really love listening to Kev and Paul, Jaz and Richard. SO MUCH

Which teacher hug presenter would you most like to get stuck in a lift with and why?

Graham Andre. We both have a love for music and films. We wouldn’t be bored!


Have any other questions for Hywel or do you have brilliant teacher stories that you would love to share? You can drop him an email using hywel@teacherhug.co.uk or send a tweet or DM to @Hywel_Roberts on twitter.