Hello from Teacher Hug.

When we first began to cobble a radio show together back in January, our mission was simply to let teachers know how much they matter and as we sit on the brink of another school year, that message is more important than ever before.


In the last 18 months teachers have stepped up and stepped in whenever they were asked or otherwise needed to do so. Not only have they kept schools open when real risks were presented to their physical and mental health, they have adapted, evolved and innovated so that children and young people throughout the UK have been able to continue learning. 


Teachers didn’t get doorstep applause, discounts or celebration. Teachers remain faceless whilst other key workers are able to share selfies from the line of battle and are able to quantify the visible impact of their effort. As we begin to move into a new phase of recovery, it is important that we think about the continual demand that will be put upon us as teachers and how we can support, encourage and care for one another both within our schools and more globally as a part of the teaching community.


The team of presenters at Teacher Hug Radio plays a small part in that, doing what we can to help teachers feel valued, supported and able to adapt and endure the challenges that lie ahead. 


From September, the team is proud to be here for you 24 hours a day with engaging, inspiring, informing and uplifting content to let you know that you matter to us. You connect with our community @TeacherHugRadio on facebook, twitter and instagram and call in to any number of our live shows by calling 0800 246 1555.