Jamel C Campbell


Jamel C Campbell is an Early year Educator, Ey Consultant and Children’s Author. He has been in the industry for over 19 years. Early years is his speciality but he has worked in youth clubs, schools, been a mentor to many and supported children with SEND. Jamel  is one of the U.k’s Men in the Early years champions/ ambassadors. He has been featured in the media due to extensive experience and knowledge of the Early years and quirky but effective practice. He has stood on numerous platforms and prestigious establishments as a Key note speaker; St Mary’s University, University of East London, Bath University to name a few. He has written articles for local newspaper the (Catford Chronicle) and for well know education and Early year’s magazines such as; (Optimus education) TES, Famly, FSF/Tapestry and (Early years well-being) magazine. Jamel has featured on CBeebies “Tiny happy people” as an Early years advisor which has been backed by the Duchess of Cambridge and the Bbc’s Bitesize giving transition tips to parents and professionals a like. He has collaborated with many well respected Ey professionals and consultants. 

Jamel is passionate about the early years, he stresses the importance of having men in the early years and the importance of having a balanced diverse inclusive work force, curriculum and pedagogy. He has partnered with MITEY (Men in the Early years) which is associated with the Fatherhood Institute and has assisted L.E.Y.F with Extensive research About the effect of having men as part of the Early years workforce.


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