Listening with Alexa

Relationships can be complicated and listening to Teacher Hug Radio (or anything else for that matter) with Amazon Alexa isn’t quite as simple as it seems.

You may have asked Alexa to play Teacher Hug Radio and may have thought that it wasn’t working because of you, us or the gremlins that live in the internet and sometimes pop up to make technology inherently difficult to use.

In this instance, it’s none of those usual suspects but instead is simply the need for an introduction. Before Alexa will play Teacher Hug Radio, you need to let her know who and what Teacher Hug is by visiting this link:, making sure you are signed in and clicking ‘enable’.

Once you’ve done this, you are all set and can simply ask Alexa to ‘play Teacher Hug Radio’ to tune in to your favourite shows and enjoy the soundtrack to your teaching career.