Paul Downie


Born and brought up in Glasgow, Paul is a Biology teacher with a passion for inspiring young people about the life on their planet. Whether in the classroom or the Amazon Rainforest, Paul enjoys sharing the wonder of the natural world and sparking curiosity in young minds almost as much as he enjoys coaching schools’ football.

Paul created and hosts The Higher Biology Podcast, which aims to give young people access to experts from across the globe, offering depth and insight for students preparing for their SQA Higher Biology qualification while also providing a fascinating insight into the world around us for anyone interested in living things. With a growing audience from over 60 countries worldwide, what started as an ambition to enhance online learning during the first COVID lockdown has far surpassed original expectations.

Currently seconded from his role as Faculty Head of Science, to coordinate West OS as part of the National e-Learning Offer in Scotland, Paul believes that all children and young people should be able to access high-quality learning experiences regardless of circumstances.

Paul is happiest spending time with his wife, daughter, family and friends.

Check the schedule for Paul’s series of interviews with scientists, authors, filmmakers, broadcaster, journalists, and politicians for anyone with an interest in living things.