Phil Naylor

Phil Naylor

Phil’s Show – Naylor’s Natter

What’s the show about?

“Naylor’s natter…just talking to teachers”

Naylor’s Natter is the brainchild of Phil Naylor , created initially to share musings on evidence, research and CPD. The podcast has grown significantly since its first episode in early 2019 and is now proudly supported by the Teacher Development Trust .

As the podcast has evolved so has its reach, we feel passionately about diversity of opinion and representation of our profession. To ensure we better reflect teaching , we are now proud to add more hosts to the podcast.

When can you hear it?

4pm Saturday

How can you get involved?

Leave a message for Phil on 0800 246 15 55 or visit the contact page.


Phil is a teacher and senior leader with over 20 years’ experience. He is the host of the podcast Naylor’s Natter and is in the process of writing Naylor’s Natter, the book, for Bloomsbury Educational.

Phil brings a weekly natter to Teacher Hug and is a guest host of the Book Club show.