Roma Dhameja

Aaron’s Show – Learning the Hard Way

Roma Dhameja

What’s the show about?

Join Roma with a fantastic line up of guests who discuss their challenges and wrong turns in education, how they overcame them and what they have learnt from them to make them stronger now.

It’s natural that as humans we want to share our successes, but it’s in the trials that the true beauty lies. At least that what Roma believes, having made plenty of ‘wrong turns’ herself! She finds that the journey really is something to be marvelled at. Join her with an incredible list of guests who share their experiences of education with honesty and humour. You know
those shiny, together and super intelligent people you see in your industry?The ones you gawk at when they speak? Well the chances are they’ve made their fair share of mistakes and learnt the hard way!

When can you hear it?

4pm Sundays (fortnightly)

How can you get involved?

Leave a message on 0800 246 1555 for Roma or visit the contact page.


Roma has been in Education now for 9 years and joined the profession after a career in Marketing. She teaches Business and Economics and is a secondary School Vice Principal who has recently made the decision to go back into the classroom and leave leadership after five years because that’s where she feels ‘most alive.’

Both in the commercial and education environment she has always been interested in people’s journeys and often finds them more fascinating then their final successes. She believes whole heartedly that we need to share more of the ‘messy stuff,’ the falls, bruises and wrong turns that we make because that is where the ‘Aha’ moments happen.

In January 2020 she started a blog called ‘No one told me how to do this’ as she embarked on her role as Vice Principal at a medium sized secondary school. Through it, she shares ideas, reviews books and generally hashes out thoughts to help her navigate through her work. Through it she has found an incredible community online and particular through Twitter.

The daughter of Indian immigrants she grew up in a factory owned by her parents and was taught to value education as they had had limited access to it when growing up. This instilled not only a passion for learning and teaching but also an entrepreneurial spirit which she is also pursuing as a ‘side hustle.’

To connect with Roma you can find her on these platforms:
Twitter – @noonetoldmehow
Blog –
Instagram – @roma_creates