See it, Snap it, Share it.

Teacher Hug Radio is celebrating its 1st Birthday and hosting a month long party to toast our remarkable presenters, wonderful listeners and fabulous advertising partners.
Although we are proud of ourselves, our party is really all about you – the teachers and educators that have continued to show solidarity and strength in the face of adversity.
Along with a month of brilliant birthday broadcasts, we are hosting a big ‘spot it, snap it, share it’ sticker hunt which comes with fun, adventure and lots of great prizes.
Here is how you can get involved:
1. Contact a Teacher Hug Presenter for a window sticker and pop it in a car, window or door where it will be seen by as many people as possible. You can see our presenters and find how to contact them at
2. email to ask for a digital sticker and add it to your social channels or your website by adding the PNG image to your header, footer, social media profile or banner.
3. Keep your eyes peeled for the Teacher Hug stickers on and offline, invite people to the hunt and get involved by following @TeacherHugRadio and using #TeacherHugRadio
4. If you spot a sticker, snap it and share it using #TeacherHugRadio on facebook, twitter or instagram.
If you would like to donate a prize to our raffle or sponsor our birthday party, please email