Speak where teachers listen

When we made our initial broadcasts in January 2020, we were unsure of what would happen next; would we remain a small group of friends and colleagues hoping to engage and support teachers through what would be the most challenging time of their teaching career or would the station grow up and grow into a more structured organisation?


It’s crazy to think that since those first weekends, when a few of us tuned in, we now have over 20,000 people listening to our station each month. We are in constant awe of the effort, enthusiasm and commitment we see from our presenters and amazed by the value that guests are able to offer our listeners time and time again.


We’ve remained committed to the values that were as important to our conception as our understanding of broadcast. As educators and with most of our presenters currently in teaching roles, it has been easy to deliver the support, insight and understanding that teachers need right now. Our experiences have shaped our authentic voice and our values have continued to define and determine the positive nature of our voices, conversations and outcomes.


When we stop and think about what the last 18 months has looked like for educators, it isn’t difficult to understand why Teacher Hug Radio has been so popular. The need for support, for community and for a sense of belonging is obvious to anyone that understands education and we are really proud that we have been able to facilitate that for so many individuals. 


We know that there are lots of brilliant individuals and other organisations that are equally keen to support teachers, to enhance their performance and improve their practice but we also know that finding a time to speak to teachers when they are able to listen is really difficult. 


A by product of the success we have experienced here at Teacher Hug is the ability we have to support individuals and organisations that want to speak where teachers listen. For as little as £80 a week, we are now able to provide engagement with our audience and opportunities to talk, share and promote your products, services and opportunities.


If you’d like to know more about how we are currently working with advertising partners and understand the return on investment we are currently able to offer them then please do get in touch by emailing charlotte@teacherhug.co.uk