Tara Elie

Tara Elie


Tara is a senior lecturer in education and the proud owner and MD of Star Performance (Brighton), a thriving well-being consultancy offering training and coaching to clients across the globe. At the heart of all of Tara’s work lies her passion for and commitment to supporting individuals and organisations to flourish and thrive.


When Tara’s not ‘mummying’, lecturing, coaching, personal training, keynote speaking or delivering she can be found  in a wig and some sequins DJing for Dats My Jam.

Tara co-hosts Work in Progress with Helen Day offering a comforting chat on life and well-being. Join them for some giggles, interviews with well-being experts and their agony aunt letter section; ‘Elie and Day; another case solved’. Get involved with the show by sending your letters with a challenge you are facing for their advice and expertise.

As a slave to the baseline, Tara also creates a mixtape for the Teacher Mixtape crew. She is a slave to the baseline so expect Hip Hop, Motown, Reggae, Soul, House, Dance, Drum n Bass, the old school and the new school, all in one mixtape.