Teacher Hug is turning one

When we first broadcast 52 weeks ago, we intended to connect the teaching community who were worn out and worn down by the overwhelm and undervalue that the pandemic brought us.
In the last 365 days, Teacher Hug Radio has taken that community on a journey that we couldn’t have preempted or prepared for. Incredible presenters and powerful shows coming straight out of classrooms. We have seen commitment, drive and passion overflow from the schools that we had thought were running on empty and together we have created hours and hours of brilliant broadcast.
More than that, we have spoken the words that we needed to hear and tackle the topics that needed airing. Our incredible presenters have been both bold and brave and vulnerable and humble in equal measures and the results really speak for themselves.
In the community that we thought needed support we have found more strength than we ever expected and have been honoured to celebrate and showcase the incredible work that happens with our school walls every day.
This month we are delighted to invite you to celebrate you, your colleagues and our community with us as we turn 1.
Take a look at www.teacherhugisone.com for our party plans and tune in to our month of birthday celebrations at www.teacherhug.co.uk